The ‘plus points’ of Gramme Graphic Services


We are officially certified to print VAT documents for the Horeca sector and for garages.


At a time when notions such as “sustainable development”, “global warming”, etc. are increasingly recurrent themes, we observe that the printing sector has a – non-justified – poor reputation in this area: producing paper is said to be responsible for the destruction of forests, which in turn is said to cause global warming.   

Take a minute to visit www.paperchainforum.org and you will see that all of these preconceived ideas about paper are incorrect.

At Gramme Graphic Services, one of our major concerns is the necessity of reconciling economics and ecology.

For example, our fast equipment turnover enables us to produce with machines that are less “energy-guzzling”; paper wastage and the use of chemical products are reduced to the utmost.   

Moreover, properly certified companies have sorted and collected all of our chemical wastes – in solid or liquid form – for very many years.

We thought ahead of the European legislation aiming to reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions and decided on a voluntary basis to change from traditional Isopropyl Alcohol printing (IPA ) to an alcohol-free printing system from 2002 onwards, when we began replacing our entire fleet of machines.

If your “green fibre” is nudging you, we can provide you with recycled paper or FSC-certified paper. We can also use special ink based on vegetable oils, available upon request for printing your documents.

Professional Federation

Gramme Graphic Services belongs to the Federation of Belgian graphic industry (www.febelgra.be).

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